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San Lee Security is fully stocked with 2023 Safe Models in various styles and configurations. Secure your valuables from theft, fire, and the unforeseen elements. We carry top brands from trusted manufacturers. 

It really depends on your situation? Before we sell any security camera system to a customer, we try to get as much information as possible. We first ask a number of questions, such as:

  1. How large is the property and how many angles are needed to properly surveil the area. 
  2. Is the property well lit at all times?
  3. How much data recall should be in play at any given time?
  4. Is the system to be monitored live, or only recorded for playback.

These and a number of other questions are presented to determine the best direction and product for your system. Often we have a particular system that will work directly out of the box, while other situations can call for a custom built camera system to handle specific surveillance needs.

We can also travel to the property in question if necessary to gather additional information and assure the recommended system is adequate for the your project.

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